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Royal Jelly

  • Features nutrients + antioxidants 

  • Fights brain fog    

  • May support overall brain health   

  • Contains rare fatty acids that may nourish the brain  

  • Contains antioxidants 

  • Includes Powerful flavonoids that may support memory health 

  • May improve precious blood flow to the brain
  • Fights stress
  • May enhance learning + memory
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Real Reviews from the Hive Community

“Obsessed with this product! I feel as though I’m boosting my immune system with the best, cleanest ingredients.” 

- Ali W.

“Absolutely love this stuff. Tastes great, and small, purse-size bottles make it simple to always have in your purse. Buying another four-pack right now to share with family and friends!” 

-Ashley O. 

“Great products. The Propolis spray is the best when you have [a] sore throat. Very soothing. Worth it!” 

- Janet B.

“Love it.” 

- Sandra C. 

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Ginkgo Biloba

Bacopa Monnieri

Nutrient Dense Brain Elixir

Natural Nootropic

Natural Nootropic

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3. Delivers 300+ beneficial vitamins and minerals to your body. Woah. 

3 Reasons to Take 
B. Immune Propolis Throat Spray

Protecting our pollinators is at the heart of what we do. We partner with one of the leading bee research institutions to raise awareness and support pollinator protection: The University of California Davis Honey Bee Research Facility. We also donate 10% of the profits from our apparel line to their research.

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Try a 2-week supply on us
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B. Immune Throat Spray (15mL)

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Bee propolis acts as the immune system of the beehive. And guess what? It’s just as beneficial to human beings as it is to our favorite pollinators. 

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Daily Dose of

Immune Support

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B. Immune Throat Spray (15mL)

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